Oodles of Noodles

Oodles of Noodles

Continuing with our world flavours theme, we are excited to announce that the great minds behind a plethora of successful Suffolk venues, Vernon Blackmore and Will Hardiman will be taking over our kitchen at Relish on Monday 14thOctober with an Asian inspired menu.

Vernon Blackmore and Will Hardiman first worked together over 20 years ago in Vernon’s first restaurant, the Spice bar where they developed a passion and love for South East Asian food which has never left them. Their respective careers have taken them all over the world with stints in London, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and more, picking up recipes wherever they have travelled.

Currently they have successful business interests with 6 establishments in and around the Suffolk coast and the Asian influence features on all their menus.

Now they are bringing their great tasting and authentic noodle soups to Ibiza in a one off pop up night in Relish. Expect to see a Malaysian spicy laksa and a Vietnamese pho as well as some delicious sides including Thai fishcakes and sweet chilli chicken wings.

malaysian inspired food


Relish Owner Tony first met Vern many years ago, when Vernon offered Tony his first restaurant management position at one of his venues in Suffolk. Tony adopted Vern’s management style of looking after the front of house and making sure that the customer experience, the food and the drinks are top notch, and working the rest out afterwards. Which is a formula that has proven to work well for both of them for many years.

Join us from 5pm

Monday 14th October 2019

BOOK Online Or Call US (0034) 971 345 913 / (0034) 620 762 491


Vern, Will and the Relish team have put together a menu for you to enjoy including some traditional Malaysian noodle soups accompanied by a choice of flavoursome side dishes and prawn crackers.

Vernon Blackmore & Will Hardiman

“Will & I have also been friends with Tony for around 20 years and we thank Tony and Bex for this opportunity to ruin their restaurant and reputation in one night 😂
.... for this opportunity for us all to get together, give the customers a different and enjoyable experience”

Vernon Blackmore

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