The All New Tapas Selection at Relish Restaurant

The All New Tapas Selection at Relish Restaurant

Relish Restaurant has always been known for its hearty meals, generous helpings of comfort on a big white plate.

So we were not completely sure we were making the right decision when we decided to introduce a new style of Tapas in San Antonio Bay. But by the extremely positive reaction to the Relish Tapas over the last month, we can be happy it was the right thing to do.

Drawing upon the formula of our sister restaurant, aptly named Tapas Restaurant & Lounge Bar, we applied the same principle of international flavours served in a Spanish style. It has been a hit since day one.

Here is one of the promos we made explaining why we decided to go Tapas.

Since then, the tapas has been flying out of the kitchen. Figuratively, of course.

But importantly, for the reassurance of any panicking patrons out there, the Tapas selection is an addition to the menu, not a replacement. All of your old favourites are still available.

The Ibizan Newspaper reviewed the new Tapas selection hereĀ

See the full Tapas selection here

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