Ibosim Craft Beers

Ibosim Craft Beers

We are pleased to announce we now stock Ibosim, Ibiza’s very own craft beer range. Here is how it came about.

Ibosim Craft Beers – Tasting Review “If  Carlsberg Made Meetings …” by Nick Gibbs

Actually we are rather pleased Carlsberg don’t get involved in the world of business organisation, otherwise they would have surely insisted we sip on their insipid brand of chemo-lager. Strange that such a bland brand should have come, through the power of advertising, to be  the phrase that dictates the very best  a man can get. Hold on wasn’t that something else?

It was on the occasion of meeting with the fine fellows of Tapas and Relish to discuss their expansion to what will be their third establishment, a fine one at that situated on the beach in Cala De Bou, that we decided to multi task and incorporate the offer of a tasting from the also fine Ibicenco fellows behind what is as far as we know Ibiza’s first and only craft beer, Ibosim.

Craft beers and the whole world of micro brewing is big business in the UK, and so perhaps we have missed a trick by leaving it to the locals to exploit that gap in the Ibiza market.

Ibosim describe their love of craft beer with sufficient passion that you are pretty well convinced before cracking a bottle top on any of their range of 5 specialist ales, all complete with a thin veil of reassuring sediment at the foot of the bottle. Whereas my own fondness for good beer has been refined over many a decade searching for the perfect tipple, the professional input of Mssrs Tapas, Relish and Co. would give some additional weight to the supping verdict.

We started light on the appropriately named Light Ale which for me brought back memories of the Light & Bitter mix that was a mainstay of many a bar before Lager and all its catchy straplines took over the mantle as the refreshing beer of choice.

The technical verdict? There were plenty of “it’s lovely that”, type comments coupled with a study of the bottle to make sure we knew what there was to know (as if we really knew anything), and as we worked our way through the range similar exclamations of satisfaction and praise were greeted to all varieties.

There is little doubt that the meeting suffered to some little extent by this most welcome distraction, but a small price to pay, small beer in the general scope of things.

Among the bottle and flyer studies we learnt that Ibosim is so named as it was the name given to Ibiza by the Carthaginians and means island of the god Bes. We probably knew that but had no reason to avoid any of the reasons to keep up our research.  That Bes was a God associated with fun, good luck and partying we also had advantage on, it being the name we had chosen for the newspaper company, but you cannot argue with it being all the more fitting for a new beer’s tribute.

The brewers go beyond the historical association and are keen to use all local materials and collaborate with local suppliers. They promise

100% natural ingredients

No pasteurisation or filtration

Natural Carbonation

No additives

And so to the range and the Ibosim team’s descriptions, all of which fit the character of the beer very well and loose little if anything in translation.


Essence of the rural Ibiza. Amber colour with sweet and spicy nature due to the addition of orange peel and rosemary. Our view – The name put me off, but do not be fooled into thinking it is a herby beer for gimmick sake. Delicious, a great bitter.


Aromatic, with notes of mango, passion fruit and orange bold and different beer, slightly coppery colour. Our view – nope didn’t get any of that except the colour. A great pale ale, nothing more needs to be said, though such is the nature of marketing, much more always is.


It is a smooth and balanced wheat beer. A fresh interpretation of traditional German Weissbier. Our view – it will surely be as popular with the German drinker as the more British beers are with us.


It is a delicate light but persistent and lager. It highlights a genuine citrus and floral character. Our view – the least favourite for me, but as the Landlord himself Al Murray says, you have to have one for the ladies.


Carob, so present in our landscape, is the star of this dark beer with sweet notes of cocoa and nuts. Our view – at 6.1% drink too much of this and the emphasis would be very much on the nuts. Much more drinkable than many similarly strong beers though, which is good and dangerous.


I guess the best way to highlight how impressed we all were is that an order for more immediately resulted. It will appeal to those who prefer natural food and drink as much as it will the ale connoisseur. Those most excited will be the real ale drinkers from the UK who miss that room temperature, cask drawn, shaggy beardness, of craft beer Britain. Take away the room temperature (c’mon that would be madness in Ibiza) and this is as close as you’ll get. We are fans. Contact Ibosim on 605,520,258 or email info@cervezaibosim.com

Ibosim is starting to appear in bars and bodegas around Ibiza, a good one to start at would be Tapas Restaurant.

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