Hed Kandi Review

Hed Kandi Review

Wow – Hed Kandi have given Relish a bit of a big head after this great review.

RELISH – Located at the far end of San Antonio Bay, Relish is home from home food, with everything from Hunter’s Chicken to Lasgane on the menu. Imagine a Harvester but with 1000000% more quality and still at the same price. Everything I have ever eaten there is full of taste, with the plate loaded to the absolute maximum capacity. You’ll feel like you’ve eaten at a Michelin starred restaurant but haven’t even spent 20 euro. Amazing!!”

You can read their full review of 5 great places to eat at  http://www.hedkandi.com/news/69/5-of-the-best-places-to-eat-in-ibiza#r4gO7B4tB1sI3UFf.99

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