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From a quick bite to a celebration dinner, from a light and nutritious salad, to plates of rich indulgence, we have something for every appetite, taste and occasion, and that includes a Sunday yearning for a traditional British roast dinner.

From the bar we offer a carefully selected carte de vin, a range of masterfully mixed cocktails, an extensive selection of international spirits and beers plus our range of local artisan ales by Ibosim.




The Relish Menu


Our Menu

Our Menu


We aim to strike a perfect balance between our customer’s tried and tested favourites alongside some fresh new innovations from the Relish Chefs.

Fresh does not stop at ideas either. Every item on the menu is sourced fresh and local. Nothing frozen, nothing processed, and that’s the way we like it.

Generous portions and full flavours are key features our the Relish approach to food, and our three course fixed price menu rewards a hungry appetite with excellent value.


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# Salads
## Chicken Caesar Salad
** with bacon, Parmesan and croutons
== 9.95€
## Asian Style Seared Tuna Salad
** with a chili, lime and soy dressing
== 12.95€
## Goats Cheese & Beetroot Salad V.
** with a balsamic honey glaze
== 9.95€
# Pastas
## Minted Pea & Broccoli Linguine V.
== 8.95€
## Green Pesto Pasta V.
** with shaved Parmesan
== 8.95€

## King Prawn & Chorizo Pasta

** finished with homemade red pesto

== 11.95€

# Sides
## Side Salad
== 3.50€
## Garlic Bread
== 3.95€

## Garlic Bread With Cheese

== 4.50€
## Chips
== 3.50€
## Grilled Asparagus
== 5.95€
## Onion Rings
== 3.50€
## Grilled Halloumi
== 6.95€
# Desserts
## Triple Chocolate Brownie

** served with vanilla ice cream

== 4.95€

## White Chocolate and Baileys Cheesecake

== 5.95€

## Sticky Toffee Pudding

** with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream

== 5.95€

## Lemon Posset

== 5.95€

## Homemade Hot Chocolate Volcano

** with vanilla ice cream

== 6.95€

## Fruit Sorbet


## Irish Coffee

== 6.95€
# Three Course Menu

++Special Fixed Price Menu
##Choose a starter, main and dessert
** Cajun Potato Skins V. with alioli
** Plum Tomato & Basil Soup V. served with crusty bread
** Garlic Bread/Garlic Bread with Cheese V.
** Relish Burger with fresh leaves, tomato, Cheddar cheese & back bacon, served with homemade chips and our sweet relish
** Cajun Chicken Breast served with spiced rice, fresh salad and sweet tomato relish
** Green Pesto Pasta V. with shaved Parmesan

** Sweet Potato, Pea & Coriander Risotto V.

** Lemon Posset

**Homemade Chocolate Brownie served with vanilla ice cream

** Fruit Sorbet
== 18.95€

Sundays at Relish

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Relish Roast


Our traditional roast dinner is complimented with seasoned stuffing, honey roasted carrots, creamed leeks and broccoli. The homemade Yorkshire puddings and gravy complete this British classic.




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