Te Quiero, TeQuila!

Te Quiero, TeQuila!

Te Quiero, TeQuila!

Tequila like most famous alcohol types in the world: champagne, cognac, scotch and bourbon, must come from a specific area, and the rules of production are monitored and specific. Bourbon must come from Kentucky and can only be made from a minimum of 51% corn, Champagne must come from champagne a region in north east France and can be made from a combination of pinot noir, pinot meunier, and chardonnay. Tequila is no exception. 

For tequila that region is called Jalisco and is located in the western pacific side of Mexico, due to its cultural and historical importance the city of Tequila and the surrounding Jalisco region was designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Any spirit made outside of the region of Jalisco is known as Mezcal and differs greatly in taste and style of production due to the rules that govern the manufacture, ensuring Tequila always tastes like Tequila!

As for the rules of production Tequila can only be made by the fermentation and distillation of the blue agave plant.

Blue agave look like large succulents from above the ground, but when harvested look like giant pineapples, which is why when harvested they are called Agave Pinas by the Mexicans. They generally take up to 7 years to grow to harvesting maturity.

Tequila was officially established in 1666 when the conquistadors run out of all of their Brandy reserves and resorted to distilling the native agave plants they found in Mexico. In reality Tequila was around long before the conquistadors but in a far more rudimentary form.

The manufacture process remains almost identical to the original, with the blue agave being harvested predominantly by hand by men called jimadores, with knowledge and techniques past down through generations. The blue agave is then roasted in big ovens, sometimes still centuries old, which breaks down the fibers allowing the agave juice to bei then extracted, fermented and distilled into the Tequila we know, and certainly at Relish, LOVE!

This year we’ve curated a wonderfully tasty and colourful collection of twists and classic tequila cocktails, perfect for enjoying whilst you lounge beside a beautiful pool, as an aperitif before dinner, or let’s face it after dinner, there’s no bad time for a Margarita!

Have you tried one of our special tequila cocktails?

Relish TEQUILA Cocktails

  • La Paloma Rosa – el jimardor tequila, homemade pink grapefruit cordial, grapefruit juice, topped with soda
  • Passionfruit Margarita – el jimador tequila, Cointreau and passionfruit puree
  • Tommy’s Margarita –  el jimador tequila, lime and agave syrup
  • Italian Margarita – El jimador tequila, disaronno amaretto and lime juice
  • Frozen Margarita – el jimador tequila, cointreu, lime juice and agave syrup

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